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Mini Movers baby and kids classes testimonial

Joy & Heidi Foster Mompreneur CEO Living In Luzern

The Mini Movers Class is one of the highlights of Heidi's week. She loves twirling, tip toeing, jumping and galloping. I feel as though her coordination and her ability to follow instructions as well as her independence have all improved throughout the year that she has been involved in the weekly movement and dance class. I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give their child the gift of music and movement.

Nebahat & Mina Tuna 

Mina just can't wait until Friday for her Mini Movers class, she enjoys the beautiful music and rhythms used in the classes. She loves to dance and socialize with the other children. For me I really enjoy meeting with other parents to exchange experiences and ideas. It gives me great pleasure to see Mina so happy and that we experience this special mother daughter time together each week. Mina just loves Tracy, her class is a weekly highlight.

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Michael & Erin Osborne.

When I first took Erin to the dance class she was very inexperienced and the environment was new, but now just a few months later she listens to Tracy and does the activities that she's instructed to do. It is a pleasure to sit back and watch her participate. She also spends a lot of time talking about going to her dancing class.

Baby & Kids  Classes Movement, Dance, Music, Singing

Dugyu & Ihrem Sarpkaya Kanibir

My daughter Irem has been attending Ms.Signorelli's dance class for almost a year. She absolutely loves it! Even when she doesn't want to leave home she would leave for dance class. It's very impressing how Tracy can recognize children's character differences and give them just the right freedom to feel comfortable and confident at their own phase. The class has such flow that it is never boring. My daughter loves all the activities during the class. She is looking forward to Fridays because it's time for Mini Movers!

Baby & Kids  Classes Movement, Dance, Music, Singing

Kristen  Burnham Director Dance Dynamics, Australia

Tracy was my dance teacher for 6 years, Tracy is an amazing teacher, her love for dance rubbed of on me. Tracy's dedication to her her students brought me to where I am today, director of my own dance school. Not only was she a great teacher and mentor, she coached me through my major vocational examinations and I now own my own studio thanks to Tracy.

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Kirsty Peddell Former Ballet Student

I have many fond memories from my experience as a dance student of Miss Tracy. Being my very first ballet teacher from when I started dancing at age 5, Miss Tracy not only nurtured me in learning valuable performance and technical ballet/dance skills but also assisted in my personal growth of self-esteem and social development. Miss Tracy's love of dance, wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in dancing and teaching, along with her natural ability to build strong relationships with her students made her my perfect role model throughout my childhood and is everything I aspire to be.



sunshine Baby & Kids classes, Dance, Movment, music, singing, fun

Kristina Wallbank -Hutton Former Student,Professional Dancer

Tracy was my teacher as a child and then my mentor as I studied for my teachers certificate with the Royal Academy Of Dance. Tracy is an excellent teacher, her classes are always enjoyable, she excels in motivating and nurturing a love of dance and the arts in children whilst bringing out the best in her students. So many of her former students have gone on to dance careers all over the world, myself included. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learm from her. I recommend her highly as a role model and inspirational teacher..

sunshine baby & kids clsses, movement, music & dance

Rebekah Conry Former Student, Artist with the Western Australian Ballet Company

Tracy instilled a deep love of dance within me that remains stronger than ever to this day. She gave me the foundations to become a professional ballet dancer.

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Kerry Smith ARAD RAD RTSPrinciple Classique Dance Australia

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tracy Signorelli for the past 12 years. I had the great pleasure of teaching for her dance studio in Australia. During this time I learnt so much from Tracy. Tracy maintained an exceptional rapport with her students. She is a kind and caring teacher whilst maintaining extremely high standards, often going above and beyond to meet their needs as students and dancers. I would highly recommend Tracy as a teacher for any student of any age. You will feel safe knowing your child will be taught by one of the best.